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Jurong Bird Park

I went to the Jurong Bird Park my second week in Singapore. It is right next to the Crocodile Paradise which saved me a bus trip. The park has quite a variety of birds from several countries. I saw tons of flamingos, many tropical birds, and a huge Spoonbill of which I failed to get a picture as I ran out of film (ARRRGGGGHHH.....)

The birds were interesting, although the water in most of the ponds was VERY dirty. Also, AVOID the Night Birds exhibit: it is an enclosed building with various nocturnal birds (Owls, etc) and it stank to high heaven. I got out of there fast.

If you want to get out of the heat, the Bird Park has one great exhibit: an indoor air-conditioned terrarium where a variety of penguins and other antarctic & arctic birds frolic. Cool air at last!

Bird Clock

The image you see here is of a "bird clock": the two birds form the big and little hands on the clock. Water pumps out through the birds mouths creating a fountain effect.

Waterfall Aviary

One of the nicer areas of the park was the Waterfall aviary. This is an enclosed secton of the park with many small tropical birds and a beautiful man-made waterfall.

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