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Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is a small island immedately south of Singapore proper. It's a small Disney-land like park with lots of exhibits, restaurants, and fun things to do. There is a cable car you can take to the island (which I did: great view and a lot of fun!). Apparently, no native Singaporeans will take the cable car because several years back it actually collapsed! It has been rebuilt since then, of course. I think this is probably something they say to scare tourists. :-)

By the way, one of the things I did NOT do while I was there was try out the beaches. Sentosa has some great beaches, where you can just stretch out, relax, and work on your tan. Topless bathing is prohibited (except for men) :-).

Sea Dragons

Sea dragons are a type of seahorse, one of the exhibits at the Underwater World in Singapore. It is only one building, but contains many different examples of underwater life.

Manta Ray

This is a shot I got of a Manta ray passing directly over me. There is a tunnel under the main aquarium that allows you to be completely surrounded by fish!

Orchid Fantasy

A whole field of nothing but different varieties of Orchids!

Fort Siloso

This is the fort where the British attempted to fight off invading Japanese during World War II. Singapore was a British colony at the time. There is a museum of Singapore history on Sentosa, as well.

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