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April 2003


No, I'm not dead: I promise new updates soon!


December 2002


Working on a revamp of the North America travel pages...


New pictures of San Diego coming soon!


Since the Home Page display on the guestbook is being abused, I have turned it off.  Spam elsewhere, guys: I'm not your free advertisement source.

November 2002


New pictures: Big Schloss showing beautiful fall foliage!

October 2002


Changed my guestbook format: be sure to fill it up with lots of (polite) comments!

September 2002


More hiking pictures! Bear Church Rock added.


Added some pictures from the Big Schloss trail to my Virginia Trails section, and I've got the navigation system up and running.


Netherlands pages updated with more pictures from Delft and Rotterdam!


Wow, I'm on a roll!  Greece and Italy cruise pictures updated! (Gee, you think I should work on the Japan pages???)


Japan photo album updated!


There's a "hidden" addition to the menu bar...


More Humor page updates

August 2002


Not many updates lately: more coming soon, I hope!


I've been getting a LOT of image leeches lately: it's eating up my bandwidth, so I've added some filters.  This shouldn't affect viewing the site directly, but you will find that images won't show up when using Google's cache or AltaVista's translator.  If I get time I may add some more sophisticated filtering.


Yay! New Updates!  Check out my Virginia Hiking Trails section (under construction!)

May 2002

bulletArchived old guestbook entries
bulletStats package updated.
bulletSome new captions in the Netherlands pictures: no story yet, though!
bulletMore stuff in the Humor section

April 2002

bulletNetherlands pictures are up!   Story to come after I've finished with Japan.
bulletPictures from my recent trip to the Netherlands coming soon!
bulletJudging by the number of 404 errors I've been getting, a lot of you are trying to view my Travel pages directly.  The directory structure has changed and are now subdivided by continent.  Nothing has been deleted: you should reset your links by finding the relevant pages in the Travel section.

March 2002

bulletTweaking a few things here and there: hopefully I'll get a chance to finish the Japan trip at some point.
bulletAdded "Survey Says..." to the Humor Section

February 2002

bulletUpdated the guestbook so that the e-mail address is not shown in the results (it will remain private).
bulletTweaks to my home page
bulletMinor tweaks to my Grand Caymans photos
bulletFinished another page or two of the Japan travelogue...

January 2002

bulletHappy New Year!
bulletSome minor updates in my personal info...

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