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You can find out all about me here.

Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad live in San Diego, California, where they currently bask in the sun, play golf, build huge screened-in decks, and generally enjoy retirement.   They can be found at their own web page: http://home.san.rr.com/wshotts/.

My Sister

My younger sister Heather lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband Feza.   An accomplished musician (as well as a darn good cook!), she and Feza are the co-founding members of  Burning River Brass

GNH.GIF (40081 bytes)  

Here's a high-school era (in my world, 1984-1988) picture of me and my sister Heather: as I recall, we got this picture taken as a present to our parents one year.

Heather got married a few years ago to Feza Zweifel, fellow musician and all-around great guy.  Along with Burning River Brass, Feza is also a member of Proteus 7.

He does a mean Homer Simpson impression, too.

heathernfeza.jpg (14789 bytes)


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Aunts and Uncles

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