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I've collected a lot of stuff over the years off of Usenet: first in college, then afterwards Here's a bunch of the stuff that appeals to my sense of humor. I also subscribe to the e-zines Humornet, This Is True, and News of the Weird: they keep me in laughs!

As far as humorous sites, Check out the Center for the Easily Amused and Modern Humorist.  For those of you who are into humorous fantasy, check out the L-Space Web, home of information and links about Terry Pratchett, one of the best humor authors I've run across!

I've tried to give credit where I know the author: if you know where some of this stuff originated, let me know! Some of it has been circulating for years, in on form or another: Have Fun!

Geek Humor
bulletAlice in UNIXLand
bulletAlien OS Bugs
bulletC is a Hoax!
bulletThe Castaway Engineer
bulletThe Complete Guide to Cows
bulletIs God a Programmer?
bulletGod's Source Code
bulletPENIX Commands  
bulletKnow your Computer!
bulletKnow your Unix Sysadmins!
bulletKnow your Users!
bulletTop 20 Programmer Replies
bulletReal Programmers 
bulletLesser-Known Computer Languages
bulletMicrosoft Explodes Nuclear Device
bulletBreakfast at Fry's
bulletMore Programming Humor
bulletU.S. Gov't version of the Lord's Prayer
bulletClinton Jokes
bulletGeorge W. Bush's Acceptance Speech
bulletFlorida Ballots
bulletDemocratic Seal
bulletDr. Seuss in Florida
bulletComing soon to a Theater near you...
bulletGeorge W. Bush's Presidential Limo
bulletJew and Arab
Guys & Gals
bulletGals Guide to Male English
bulletGuys Guide to Female English
bullet100 Reasons Why it's Great to be A Guy
bulletThe Difference between Men & Women
bulletThe Last 10 Things They'd Say...
bulletMen and I.Q.s
bulletHusbands and Wives
bulletMen's & Women's Instruction Books
bulletBest Pickup Lines
bulletThe Anti-Relationship Contract
bulletThe Rules
bulletReading the Signs
bulletA Wish
bullet101 Excuses
Academic Humor
bulletGlossary of Math Terms
bulletThe Final Exam
bulletThe System Rules
bulletThe History of 2 + 2 = 5
bulletHow to Shoot Yourself in the Foot
bulletAre You a Geek?
bulletSmart Dogs
bulletExothermic or Endothermic?
Audio & Video
(will require appropriate decoders)
bullet(mpg) Rrripp!  
bullet(mpg) FrustrationNEW.GIF (116 bytes)
bullet(wmv) Frustrat-ING...NEW.GIF (116 bytes)
bullet(asf) How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked by the PoliceNEW.GIF (116 bytes)
bullet(mp3)An attack on the Taliban  
bullet(swf) Come, Mr. Taliban!  
bullet(swf) Diplomacy
The Workplace
bulletNew Element Discovered
bulletGreat Marketing Blunders
bulletMore Bad Travel News
bulletHow to Evaluate your Employees
bulletResume Writing 101
bulletIn the Beginning...
bulletNew Alcohol Warnings
bulletTwenty Things You'd Like to Say at Work but Can't!
Other Stuff
bullet25 Thoughts to get you through any Crisis
bulletUrban Legends
bulletThe History of the Universe (200 words or less)
bulletActual Newspaper Headlines
bulletA Letter
bulletMcDonald's Soliloquy
bulletAn Airline Story
bulletA Fish Story
bulletYour Co-Worker could be a Space Alien!
bulletA Visit to the Doctor
Sex and Other Laughs
bulletPlayboy Patents Sex
bulletThe Sex Tax
bulletAstrology Explained
bulletThe Book of Creation
bulletColor the key to your Sex Life?
bulletThe Priest Exam
bulletThe Towel
bulletThe Bug
bulletLittle-Used AphorismsNEW.GIF (116 bytes)
Blondes, Bears and Buses, Oh My!
bulletBlonde Jokes
bulletMore Blonde Jokes NEW.GIF (116 bytes)
bulletStill more Blonde Jokes!NEW.GIF (116 bytes)
bulletMental Giants
bulletDid You Know...
bulletCartoon Physics
bulletBoisterous Bears
bulletKiller Toons
bulletLawyer Jokes
bulletThe Bus Trip
bulletNew State License Plate Slogans
bulletMore Chickens!
bulletThe Vasectomy
bulletTechnology for Country Folk

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