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My Outward Bound Trip: 8/5/95-8/12/95

I couldn't really put into words the experience of being on an Outward Bound trip: at least not on my own. Here's the daily journal (plus a few pictures!) our group kept during our trip. I think these writings help to really capture the experience. Check out Outward Bound USA for more information. Enjoy!

The Group

Top Row (from left): Rich Faller (instructor), Larry Hilton, Mark McNeill, Yours Truly :-), Danny JuŠrez, Polly Prolman
Bottom Row (from left): Jodi Connelly, Denise Scotland (instructor), Ralie Hines, Kimberly Soryan

Group Journal Day 1 Group Journal Day 2 Group Journal Day 3 Group Journal Day 4 Group Journal Day 5 Group Journal Day 6 Group Journal Day 7 Group Journal Day 8

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